Share and benefit from experience

Reusing knowledge starts with sharing information and experience. Knowledge management requires more than systems alone. Integration with the working methods of your professionals is key.

The amount of information in your area of expertise increases steadily. In order to stay innovative and competitive, it is very important that optimal use can be made of all the knowledge resulting from research, experience, projects, etcetera. Do you know who possesses which knowledge? Can you reuse the knowledge that is available within your organization and apply it to your advantage? And how can you record, retain, announce the availability of and share this knowledge? Our mission is to support you in this process by providing advice and useful tools.

Providing efficient access to information is an important aspect of knowledge and information management. Square has nearly 30 years of experience with the process of recording, managing and retrieving large amounts of information. Efficient retrieval of information forms an important basis for reusing experience.

A lot of information and experience is stored in people’s heads. The first step in making this knowledge accessible is to record it in the form of knowledge cards. This makes it clear which people can be consulted for which themes. Subsequently, it is important to provide simple and low-threshold methods to share information. This information can then be used to fine-tune your knowledge profiles.

Our consultants can assist you with creating a knowledge landscape that is in line with your organization. They help you with the preparation of a roadmap and the selection of the right tools.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the possibilities.