How mobile is your business?

Smartphones and tablets offer more and more possibilities to create new opportunities. Information is available anywhere and anytime. It is possible to interact individually with your target audience. Your employees can request information or initiate transactions quickly and easily.

A good app requires a sound approach, from idea to realization. This must not be taken lightly. Even a small app is real software, which is why it is important to create a good design based on the aim and intended use. This, subsequently, forms the starting point for determining the functionality and the development of the screens.

A very important development aspect is the selection of the development platform. It may seem a good idea to develop a mobile site, or to develop an app using a cross-platform development tool. This makes it possible to, in one go, create an app that can be used on a variety of operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, …), thus saving time and money.

The right choice will depend on the purpose of the app. In many cases it is wise to opt for ‘native’ development. For example if you want to be able to make good use of hardware features such as gps, camera, compass etc. Or for apps that require a lot of processing power or need to be able to store or process data. A native app can also make the user less dependent on the availability of a permanent internet connection.

In many cases, the app will not stand alone, but be part of a campaign or process that also requires other media and systems. Examples include existing online applications, databases or back-end systems, or entirely new systems that will be developed specifically for the app.

A mobile app project is not over when a working application is completed. The implementation process, support and maintenance also require a professional approach. This is why it is important to choose an experienced partner who contributes ideas from the start, beyond the project boundaries, to also guarantee the future success of your mobile presence.

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